I like sharing Client Stories because they:

  • Provide actual examples of the various ways that Clients have utilized my services. You may already have a list of things you want to learn, but reading these stories may create a “I have that same issue too” response.
  • Debunk the Special Snowflake Syndrome myth. Not only because of its name but also because of what it means.

The Special Snowflake Syndrome

I first heard of the Special Snowflake Syndrome from Ramit Sethi, a New York Times best-selling author and expert in behavioral change.

If you’ve ever felt that your situation was so unique from others that you couldn’t possibly be helped, then you in fact suffer from the Special Snowflake Syndrome.

In essence it’s the “yeah, but” argument: yeah, I know that “those people”…[were able to get results], but I have…[insert reason/excuse here]:


I am by no means trying to discredit your specific challenges, but when you read the stories below, you can probably identity with their challenges and see how they were helped in spite of them. I hope you'll see that there is hope for you as well.

In each Client story, you'll learn about his/her initial concerns and how we went about coming up with a solution that was easy to maintain. In most circumstances, I identified other ways they could maximize their smartphone and we incorporated those as well.

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Featured Client Stories: