Plenty of Pics: Finding More Storage

There's nothing worse than taking a picture using your iPhone but not being able to save it because you've run out of space.

Well this had happened to Vanessa more than once and it was beyond frustrating. Vanessa is married with two young daughters and works as a Clinical Psychologist at a university more than 3,000 miles away from her family. So there were plenty of pics – and videos – saved on her iPhone.

Her lack of storage restricted how much of her music she could put on her phone. She'd also been trying to update to the latest iOS version for months but it would always fail (more about this later).

One Google account (that she already had) fixed all her issues and freed up plenty of space on her iPhone.

The first thing I found was that she had less than 1GB of free storage space on her iPhone. Updating to the latest iOS required at least 4GB of data (this was why the updated failed to install). To free up space, we:

    • uninstalled unnecessary apps. Her oldest daughter now had an iPhone so all her apps and games were no longer needed on Vanessa's phone.
    • synced her iTunes library to her Google Music library. Her music was now “in the cloud” and we deleted the music from her phone.
    • activated Google+ Auto Backup. Now, whenever photos or videos are added to her phone, they get uploaded automatically to a private folder in Google Photos. She deleted most of her existing pics after the initial syncing was done.

Now that she has plenty of storage space, she can keep her iPhone and installed apps up-to-date. And she never has to worry about not being able to capture a precious moment of her kids lives anymore.