The World is My Office: When Work Needs to be Handled Anywhere

Getting work done in non-traditional places should not be complicated.

But things were getting complicated as Tawawn was growing her coaching business. Like many entrepreneurs, she was building her business on the side while still holding down a full-time job. She also had a busy social life and was always on the go.

Previously she'd have to wait until she got home before handling certain things, such as providing copy to her assistant for a blog post or providing an image to her designer for an ad for her annual conference. But now those things can be handled with a few touches on her iPhone.

We use Google and LastPass to make her life flow more easily.

One of the first things I noticed when I started working with Tawawn was that she had multiple email addresses and was sporadically checking most of them. I had her chose one email account to serve as the “hub” of all email communications. Now the emails received on her other four email accounts were forwarded to her hub account, and she no longer had to remember to check them as well.

Also, her email hub account is managed through Google Apps, so she already had 30 GB of storage available. We transitioned her business documents and files to Google Drive, so that she could access it on her iPhone, iPad, or any other computer she was using.

Recognizing that her business would only get more complicated as time passed, we also organized her login information into a password manager. Goodbye to clicking on the “forgot password?” link on websites or searching for scraps of paper with her passwords written on them.

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