Untangle Your Digital Life

I help people untangle their digital lives. I'm currently focusing on helping photo hobbyists organize their digital photos:

  • syncing. If you have a computer, smartphone, and/or tablet, syncing allows for viewing of your photos on all your devices.
  • backups. Equipment fails and sometimes gets lots or stolen. Any digital work done always includes 1, more likely 2, backups to guard against permanent and unrecoverable data loss.
  • passwords. If you're using the same password – or a weak one – on your accounts, we'll update and organize your login credentials using a password manager. And give you secure access to your passwords on all your devices.

You can read about my approaching to organizing digital photos here. If your digital organizing needs extend outside of digital photos, send me an email so we can chat to see if your needs and my skills are a match.

But take some time to read how I approach organizing digital photos. I share the framework I use with my clients, and the framework applies no matter what type of digital data you're organizing.