Accepting New Clients

Organize your physical and digital spaces at home. Based in Los Angeles, but will travel for challenging projects!


Untangle with Ease is a six-month high-touch experience to declutter your home life.

In month one of our engagement (“Formation”), we organize and design maintenance systems for the areas identified in your online assessment and our virtual consultation. During months 2-6 (“Maintenance”), we review your progress, organize any new items and areas that need attention, and re-assess and adjust your systems. After six months, you have mastered your home life and can maintain things without support and accountability from me.


Yes, and here's why!

New clients typically begin the process with me feeling overwhelmed. Once we make a master list, prioritize, and do the organizing work, they are changed. They realize their situation was not close to the “disaster” they thought it was.

They feel great about finally getting things organized but, in 1-2 months, the clutter starts reappearing.

Generally, people need accountability and, although the type of accountability each person needs will be different (an affiliate link), having regular appointments with me has been the most effective way to make these new life habits stick.

So that’s why I include follow-up maintenance appointments in my organizing packages. It creates built-in accountability – a scheduled appointment with yourself (with my support) – to do the work to keep your life organized. These check-ins also provide a mechanism for you to “talk it out” if you’ve realized something isn’t sticking or clicking.

So yes, a multi-month engagement with me is recommended, but you can also hire me for the day or for a flat fee to tackle a specific project.

Take the FREE assessment, designed to help you identify ways to better manage your home life.


If you stay ahead, you never get behind.


  • relief from the nagging thoughts about projects you “should” be doing.
  • personalized systems that feel natural to you.
  • a cheerleader/task-master/friend (whatever role you need) to overhaul all or select areas of your home life.
  • a set of ears and eyes to solve your challenges as they exist today and the expertise to think things through to find what you may not have considered.
  • empathetic and judgment-free instruction. No matter your age, what you do, no assumptions about your technical expertise. If you don’t understand, tell me.
  • direct access to Yolanda between on-site sessions, in case you have challenges or need extra support.


I have helped people organize their physical spaces (e.g., kitchen, garage, master closet, home office, bookshelves, etc.) and their digital spaces (computer file organization; those photos on your smartphone; contacts; your email inbox; passwords; syncing your data across your computer, smartphone, and iPad; etc.). I’ve also organized around themes (e.g., dealing with paper clutter, incoming physical mail, dealing with email, etc.).

Here are some recent projects I’ve completed:

  • Worked with a property manager to organize income and expense receipts for 14 rental properties for a client.
  • Sorted and processed a six-month backlog of mail for a retired couple.
  • Organized and facilitated a multi-day garage sale for family preparing for a cross-country relocation…on three days’ notice.
  • Downsized and organized furniture and belongings for a newly un-engaged craftsman downsizing from a 2-bedroom apartment to a 1-room studio.
  • Set up home office, including electronics and wireless networking, for a college professor on sabbatical.
  • Organized holiday decorations for a social butterfly.


If you have questions or want to talk before you book, please contact me.



Each package includes…


  • Formation Session(s): on-site sessions spent organizing and designing systems for the areas identified in your online assessment and virtual consultation.
  • Maintenance Session(s): on-site check-ins to review your progress, organize any new items and areas that need attention, and re-assess and adjust your systems.
  • Support: In between Formation and Maintenance on-site sessions, you have access to me (email, phone, text…depends on package you buy) to get help with any challenges or to talk things out.

The number of Formation and Maintenance sessions, their frequency, and how many hours you receive in each session is based on the package you select:



  • Half Day = up to four (4) hours
  • Full Day = up to eight (8) hours
  • Payment plans are available.


Did you take my free organizing assessment? Use your number of FALSE statements as a guide:


  • Less than 14 FALSE and I DON’T KNOW HER statements –> Beginnings package.
  • Between 14-26 FALSE and I DON’T KNOW HER statements –> Foundations package.
  • More than 26 FALSE and I DON’T KNOW HER statements –> Overhaul package.

I’ll follow up after you complete the online assessment with a virtual consult to understand your current needs better. I’ll recommend/confirm the best plan at that time.

I really love helping others achieve their professional goals, and I indirectly fulfill this mission through my organizing services.


If I can help remove the clutter – of those nagging things that are blocking your mental energy – imagine what you can accomplish in the next year! I hope you give me the opportunity to serve you. 🙂