Work Receipts With Yolanda

Inventory Your Past & Pursue The Career You Want

A Service For:

Anyone talking themselves out of pursuing a career opportunity or side hustle because they don't think they are qualified. You’ll leave with a library of Work Receipts – documented proof of your accomplishments – to show the world (and yourself) that you’re qualified to do what you do.

If you struggle with connecting the stories from your resume (or LinkedIn Profile or online portfolio) with what you tell yourself – and those struggles are preventing you from pursuing a career/opportunity/client you want – this is for you!

You'll identify the skills and accomplishments you actually bring to the table and the stories behind how you developed those skills. You'll have a new appreciation of your accomplishments and the work you've put into being great at things.

Hard work and the dangerous commitment to doing something that matters doesn't get us a guaranteed wheelbarrow of prizes… but what it does do is help us understand our worth. That worth, over time, can become an obligation, the chance to do our best work and to contribute to communities we care about. – Seth Godin

We'll work together to identify your “library of accomplishments” – aka Work Receipts. When your work receipts are organized and an opportunity presents itself, your thought process isn't, “here are all the reasons I'm not qualified.” Instead you think, “here are all the reasons I am.”

You'll talk – I'll listen – and we'll you discover and unpack your work receipts together.

The Process

Phase 1: Consolidate –> Explore your career history and identify your work receipts (your unique Contributions, Ideas, Projects, Metrics, and Accolades).

Phase 2: Investigate –> Uncover the backstory and details of each work receipt (see this example) so that you can frame your expertise into compelling stories.

Phase 3: Anticipate –> Convince yourself you’re ready…or identify the flatsides to get you there.

To prepare for each session, there will be an assignment to complete. Once you've completed and submitted the assignment, you'll receive a link to my online calendar to schedule your session.

I'm In! How Do I Get Started?

First of all…woo-hoo! The cost of all three sessions is $750. To get started, remit either payment in full or make a $100 downpayment.

The balance ($650) – if you don't pay for all three sessions in advance – is due at the conclusion of Session Email me any questions you have.

I look forward to working together!