How You Can Unclutter Your Mind in 45 Minutes

Brain Dump

What could you accomplish in 90 days if you had a clear mind and laser-sharp focus? If I read 20 pages per day from the book The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, I would finally finish it. By the way, this book is about 1,500 pages long and I’ve had a copy since 2004! For now, I’ll just stick to watching the movie version (yet again). Obviously, reading the book is not a priority for me. ☺

So, let’s get going with today’s task. With your trusted mechanical timer in hand, and a pen and pad in tow, here’s how you do your brain dump:


Survey each area of your home and office, identifying things that you would like to get done. This process should take 15 minutes, so move quickly. It could be as simple as replacing the outlet cover in your main bathroom or as complicated as remodeling your kitchen. Write one thought per line.

Brain Dump

Take the next 15 minutes and write down every emotion, thought, idea, concern, desire, and need that you have. (This is the brain dump part.) Be sure to cover all areas of your life: career, finance, health, friends and family, significant other/romance, personal growth, fun and recreation, and physical space.


Survey your list and check off the things that are within your control; place an X next to those things you cannot control. This should take you about 5 minutes.


Take 10 minutes and select a maximum of 10 items from your list that are within your control and that you would like to focus on for the next 90 days. The rest of the items are to be released from your mind, which should be a lot easier to do now since you’ve written them down. Your mind is now a lot more efficient, having less to focus on, and your productivity should skyrocket.

I like doing brain dumps once every quarter. You’ll be amazed at what manages to creep back into your mind, and how important it is to keep the mental roads clear.