How to Speed up a Slow Mac

I'm not sure when I realized my slow MacBook Pro was killing my productivity. It was a gradual process.

First were the forced breaks, when I would do other things while my computer responded. “I’ll go refill my water bottle while this app opens.”

Next were the tools that would helps ease the load on my Mac. You know, when the cooling fan is working overtime because too many Google Chrome tabs are open? My MacBook not being able to handle more than three tabs was beyond frustrating.

Before I knew it, working on my Mac came with a lot of work-arounds to help it run faster. But nothing make that big of a difference.

I had two choices: (1) buy a new MacBook Pro; or (2) figure out how to make it work with my current Mac.

I chose the latter.

Here’s what I did to speed up my 4-year old MacBook Pro.


Two upgrades – more memory and a solid-state drive – increased the speed of my Mac.

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