All “regular” pages (About, Services, etc) should be assigned the “No Sidebars (Page) custom template when using the Promo Skin in Thesis.

Image Dimensions

  • Feature Box (Frontpage) = 1280×400, (WP Featured Image)
  • Feature Box (Product Pages) = 1280×500, Pacifico 60 #2f3840 (WP Featured Image)
  • Feature Box (All Other Pages including Posts and Category Pages) = 1280×450, Pacifico 60 #ffffff (WP Featured Image)
  • Featured Posts (Frontpage Widgets) = 300×425; 37 Font, White, Britannic Bold
  • Blog Posts: 600×450 (Thesis Post Image)
  • App Guide & Podcast Directory: 300×300 (Thesis Post Image)
  • Footer Widgets = 300×150
  • Course Descriptions in Library = 964×250


  • Posts/Page SEO
    • Custom Title Tag and Meta Description are what shows up in search results.
  • Image SEO
    • Title and Description: Won't display on your website; If your image has text on it (i.e., a quote card) include the text. Use keywords of post/page; include price, if the image is of a product; Add call to action to the description. This information gets pulled into Pinterest.
    • Alt Text: Will display on site; use words that are fun, creative, and conversational; this text will be read to someone who uses a visual impairment device to tell them what the image is of (picture of my world famous lasagna).


Promo Skin Design Options
  • Primary Text: Black Color #111111
  • Secondary Text: Gray Color #929292
  • Links: Green Color #088a5f (use it on linkable images)
  • Primary Background: Dark Blue Color #2F3840
  • Secondary Dark Background: Blue-Gray Color #51606F
  • Secondary Light Background: Gray Color #93A3B5
  • Accent 1: Blue-Gray Color #D1DBE6
  • Accent 2: Gray Color #EFF1F3

Colors: Thinkific

  • Links: Green #088a5f (use it on linkable images)
  • Purple #515067
  • Dark Purple #15142D
  • Pink #B98EA7
  • Red #8A0301

Colors: Not The Standout

  • Yellow #fff952
  • Purple #66259c
  • Pink #B98EA7
  • Dark Pink #910C66

Instagram Themed Day Corner Accent Icon Background Colors

  • #UpgradeU = #929BA3
  • #WTF = #4C3D5D
  • #WCW = #2F3840
  • #TBT = #898556
  • #TGIF = #685231

Alert and Note Boxes

  • Pink Background: <p class=”alert”>This is a paragraph with the alert class</p>
  • Gray Background: <p class=”note”>This is a paragraph with the note class</p>