Recruiting & Hiring 2.0 Resources + Image Attributions

A lot of people, companies, and research have contributed to my recruiting philosophy. Throughout the presentation are links to that content, if you're interested in learning more.  I've grouped them by best practice and sorted them in the order they were shared in the presentation. The links directly below will advance you to that particular chapter (saves you from scrolling).

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Best Practice 1: Show Your Feathers

Best Practice 2: Do Your Research

Best Practice 3: Be The Flame

Best Practice 4: Let Them Shine

Best Practice 5: Be Brave

Best Practice 6: Check-In & Tune-Up

Best Practice 7: Show The Total Package


Image Attribution

I couldn't have made this presentation fancy without all the great imagery that are on about half the slides. The last slide is a picture of my niece from years ago, the rest I found online.