Take the “YOUR ORG STATE” Free Assessment to See What Areas of Your Home Life Could Be Managed Better

My signature program, Untangle With Ease, helps busy, over-extended people organize and set up systems to manage all the routine and mundane areas of their lives.

You can take my FREE assessment, designed to help you identify ways to better manage your home life.

The process is pretty simple: you’ll answer 35 questions about your home life as it stands today. If your answer to a statement is not true 100% of the time, select FALSE. Even if the statement is true to you “most” of the time. For instance, one of the statements is “I have different passwords for every online account I have.” If you have different passwords for MOST of your accounts, the statement would still be FALSE for you.

If you read a statement and have no idea what it’s talking about, select “I DON'T KNOW HER.” And if a statement doesn't apply to you, select N/A.

I'll follow up after you complete the online assessment to schedule a 30-minute phone consult. We'll use that time to review your assessment and chat about any current organizing challenges you have. You'll leave with at least one action to take to tackle one of your current challenges.