How to Properly Preserve Your Holiday Decorations

Preserve Your Holiday Decorations

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are over and it’s time to take down the holiday decorations. The joy and coziness that the decorations have provided for the last month or so are now eliminated because you have the unfortunate task of taking them down and storing them.

If you arm yourself with the proper storage products, you will not have a clutter of decorations that are a mess to deal with and you’ll find that you decrease the likelihood of having to purchase decorations to replace broken ones. Proper organization and storage will make it easier to put up your decorations for the 2012 holidays.

NOTE: All of the products I am recommending can be found at The Container Store. I picked one store to make it easy for you to get the products you need (who wants to go driving all over town to buy products?). They also have a click and pickup service where you can order online and they will pull your order and have it ready for you at the registers (a huge time saver). If you don’t have a Container Store in your area, you can also order online.

Wreath Storage BoxWreaths

This box stores and protects your wreath from dust and damage.


Tree Storage Box With WheelsTrees – Artificial

This box not only compactly stores your tree but also has wheels for easy transport.

Trees – Live

Check with your garbage service, as they may pick up your tree right outside your home. There may also be places in your area where you can drop off trees. Most recycled trees are taken to a waste facility where they are run through a grinder and turned into mulch to use as compost in lawns and gardens.

Lights Storage BoxesLights

This box stores your ornaments and also includes a wrapper to keep your lights tangle-free.

Ornament Storage BoxOrnaments

Each box holds up to 75 ornaments and contains dividers to separate and protect each ornament

Customized Gift Wrap CenterGift Wrap

This box keeps all your gift-wrapping essentials neat, accessible, and in first class shape.