How to Have the Right Mindset Before Starting an Organizing Project

Small Space

There is one key concept that anyone starting an organization project should understand. Before you even start going through the clutter, you first need to get your mind right.

Now, I’m not trying to downplay or make it seem that it’s as simple as snapping your fingers to switch to a positive attitude and mindset. There may be emotions surrounding the reasons why there is clutter in your space. I’ve been there.

What I do want to offer are some ideas that have helped others shift their thinking that you may not have ever considered.

You Deserve It

Our physical space is a direct reflection of how we value ourselves. You deserve to have a clutter-free space. You deserve to return home from a hard day’s work to a space that is relaxing and cozy. You deserve to live in a stress-free space where you can find things easily. You deserve to live in a space that you are proud to show off to your family, friends, and neighbors.

No matter how the clutter got there, it time for it to go. And once you recognize that you deserve and are worthy of a clutter-free space, you are more encouraged to deal with it.

Here’s an affirmation that I’ve found helpful when dealing with feelings of unworthiness: I relax and recognize my self worth.

You Want It

Most of us know that we need a clutter-free space. But needing something does not normally motivate us enough to do anything about it. Why do you want a clutter-free space? For me, I love taking naps and getting 7+ hours of sleep each night. So I strive to make everything that I do as efficient as possible, which results in my space being very organized (can’t waste time that I could have used to take a nap). Figure out why you want a clutter-free space. Is it because you want more time; you want to be able to sit down with your family and eat dinner on the dining room table; or is that you don’t want to look at those boxes in your living room anymore?

Affirmation to memorize: I only create joyful experiences in my life.

You Can Have It

Looking at the big picture – your space as a whole – can make getting organized seem impossible. That’s where I come in. I can help you figure out what you want and the fastest way to get there (contact me to schedule a consultation). If your pride or embarrassment about the condition of your space is an obstacle to you asking for help, realize that my job is to create a clutter-free space and I don’t care what the before picture looks like. Just like the honor-roll college student isn’t ashamed to get help from tutors, the confident person isn’t afraid to ask for help.

Affirmation to memorize: I bring peace to every corner of my life.