How to Maximize Space in Your Garage

Organized Garage

So many homeowners live with a landfill attached to their homes. It takes a lot of work to fit a car into the garage and luckier still to emerge from the car once it is parked. Homeowners continue to wrestle through the jungle of disorganization on a daily basis. With a few changes, you can create a vision beyond the clutter that has littered your garage and reclaim it for your car and your belongings.

If it is on the Floor, Then it is Time to Store

The very basic premise in garage organizing is to free up floor space. However, how does one deal with the inevitable lawn mower, wheelbarrow, snow blower, bicycles, and other large items? There is so much to deal with!

Organize and Visualize

Once you can see it, it is indeed easy to find. Once of the easiest methods is to create a wall storage solution. There are many solutions such a hooks, racks, custom-made cabinets, and yes, the lowly nail is a solution.

Down with Pegboard!

Pay a visit to your local home improvement store to check out the pegboard options. These grooved panels offer a flexible storage solution for tools.

Rubbermaid Cabinets

These cabinets are both affordable and durable. There is nothing to paint and nothing to maintain. They are great! All that you need is a rubber mallet to hammer the interlocking pieces together. Cabinets permit you to categorize items to be stored and used routinely (such as lawn and garden items, and automotive products).

Keep it Insulated

Not only does a well-insulated garage lower your energy bill, it also keeps your space at a comfortable temperature all year long. Check your local home supply store for different options to insulating your garage.

To best organize your garage, plan to simplify, and simplify the plan. This takes time and effort. Once storage needs have been identified, you can create the required shelving, cabinet, and wall-storage system to best suit your needs.