How to Install and Use Pinterest

Unless you are not active on social networks, you have probably heard of Pinterest. However, you may not really understand how it works or why you should join the party.

Here's is my unofficial guide to understanding and using Pinterest.

What Is It?

Pinterest is a cheap and quick way to create a vision board…virtually.

Boards vs. Pins

Pins are images that link to something you've found on the web. Even though linking from a website is typically how pins are created, you can also pin images from your smartphone (using the Android or iPhone app) or upload images directly from your computer. Since you're pinning from a website, the URL where the image was pinned from is attached to the image making it easy for your followers to find the original source of the image (Note: if you pin from your smartphone or computer, you can add the link as well).

A pin doesn't have to be an image. You can also pin such things as videos and blog posts. When you use the “Pin It” button, Pinterest searches for all images on that page and allows you to pick what image to use on the pin.

Pins are organized into boards. You can create a theme around a board and only pin images related to that theme.

Why is it Fun?

Pinterest is fun because you are able to share things you love. And when someone else repins or likes one of your images, it's a wonderful feeling. It's like you're getting a virtual “me-too.”I remember pinning a loyalty card organizer that really excited me (but hey, I'm an organizer).

It's also fun to discover other people's pins as well (you can search by categories, popular, and price).

Examples of Some Boards I Like

Other ideas:

  • Create a board around a theme and let other people pin to it
  • Create a virtual vision board
  • Links to how-to-videos you've created
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Dream travel destinations or pictures from your travels

How to Create an Account

Setting up an account is quick and easy now. Pinterest used to be closed invitations (and it used to take days or weeks before you were approved for an account), but they've recently removed the restrictions and anyone can sign up:

Be sure to link your Pinterest account with Facebook and Twitter.

How to Pin

Once you have created an account, you're ready to start pinning. In order to pin, you'll need to install the “Pin It” button onto your bookmarks menu. From Pinterest: go to Drag the button to your bookmarks toolbar. Once the button is installed, click on the “Pin It” button whenever you are on a website that has an image you want to pin.

You can also pin with your smartphone using the Android or iPhone app.

Final Words

Are you on Pinterest? If not, what are you waiting for. I promise you will have loads of fun pinning and discovering. As a business owner, you can get really creative in presenting information to potential clients.

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