The 80/20 Guide to Mastering Shortcuts & Gestures on Your Computer and Smartphone

Swipe it, CTRL + Z, Command + tab, long press on the Home button: Navigating on your computer and smartphone is a lot easier when you know a few essential shortcuts.

I use to take for granted that everyone knew certain shortcuts, but whenever I would watch folks navigating on their devices, I would be reminded otherwise.

Click on the image below to download The 80/20 Guide to Mastering Computer & Smartphone Shortcuts:

The 80/20 Guide to Mastering Shortcuts on Your Computer and Smartphoneor, if for some reason the image isn’t showing you can click here to download it.

I hope you find this guide really helpful and start using these shortcuts immediately. As with all of my tips, you aren't getting an exhaustive list of EVERY available shortcut out there. This Guide only covers the 20% of shortcuts that you’ll use 80% of the time.

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