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How to Ditch Your Fear of Technology

If you've found yourself getting worked up about new technology, and maybe even turning down opportunities that would entail having to learn a whole new set of technical skills (that you didn’t think you could master), you probably suffer from technophobia.

People may fear technology (technophobia) for a variety of reasons. That fear may be exacerbated by the feeling of getting left behind, which stirs up feelings of anxiety. You might even begin to feel that others think you’re not capable. You might even think so yourself.

But that doesn't have to be your story any longer.

Ditching your fear of technology not only helps you embrace those skills you currently want to learn, but it also open you up to the possibilities of discovering other ways that technology can improve your life.

You see, negative emotions can make learning to master technology more difficult. That's why understanding the psychology of technology and how to overcome these feelings of tech inadequacy are important to deal with now.

Getting Started: Technophobia Influences & How to Deal With Them


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