Keynote Speeches & Programs

Your group will love having Yolanda Enoch, Lifestyle Organizer, speak at your next event. Yolanda has the unique trifecta of telling you how it is, showing you how to fix it, and showing you how to maintain it that will leave your audience excited, empowered, and ready to kick some serious butt!

Whether she's opening or closing your event, her talk will definitely set the tone for a successful event or make your group feel fired up to take massive action when they leave.

Yolanda's speaking programs work great as a keynote at a women's empowerment retreat, as the closing or opening at a personal development event, or as a workshop/breakout session at your professional organization's seminar.

The programs below are designed to last from 60-120 minutes, but can be extended to last a half day to facilitate a more interactive, hands-on transformational experience (where the real magic occurs).

I'm In Love With a Smartphone: How a Love-Affair with Your Smartphone Can Change How You View Technology, Yourself, and the World

We have our smartphones because they make us more portable and productive. But we hear all the chatter and feel all the judgment. It goes something like this: you're so selfish and self-absorbed; your life isn't that busy or important; you're disengaged and you've become too attached to your phone to the detriment of the things and people that matter most.

Well, I'm here to change that negative self-talk. Because I'm in love with my smartphone and I want you to be too!

In this talk, I will share stories of how I fell in love with my smartphone and how it changed how I viewed technology, myself, and the world.

I'll share how this love-affair can support and nurture two very important aspects of your personality that seem to be opposed to one other: a desire to be free and need to feel in control. In the process, all shame and guilt you've associated with always having your smartphone around will be removed and you'll embrace your smartphone as a tool to better organize and manage your life.

Your Group Will Learn:

  • How to eliminate PMS permanently (it's not what you think…both women AND men suffer from PMS)
  • How to simplify your life and go from stuck to unstuck {Systems = Tiny Tasks (project-management system) + Tiny Habits (Leo Babauta from ZenHabits on daily habits)}
  • Your one habit that can set you up for success everyday (keystone habit & testing)
  • The time-management technique that will help you get massive amounts of work done (Pomodoro Technique)
  • How to change your attitude about procrastination that will sky-rocket your productivity (refer to article that Ramit Sethi when he talked about procrastination – the biggest lever wasn’t how much i wrote, it was how often. Keeping my writing top of mind was the key. The key takeaway: how you measure success can shape how successful you are).
  • How the power to be yourself changes how you view the world (tie in Brene Brown's vulnerability & judgment & if you're happy with your life, how someone else is living makes no difference to you)

Your Group Will Feel:

  • Encouraged to know that technology is a good great thing (and it does actually make us smarter)
  • Organized and ready to take some serious action
  • Relieved, knowing that it's a lot easier than you thought to make changes
  • Ready to embrace their smartphones as they were designed to be used

Repossess Your Space!™

The key to feeling that we are more than enough begins and ends with self acceptance. And there are a lot of things that get in the way of self-acceptance, which if left unchecked can result in impostor syndrome, passive-aggressiveness, and/or helplessness. Yolanda, leaning on personal experience, shares her journey of repossessing her space and what she's learned in the process.

Your Group Will Learn:

  • How invisible scripts get in the way of repossessing your space
  • How to take responsibility for your space and not relinquish your power to others
  • How to take control of your life and give others the freedom to do the same
  • How to repossess your space without fear of judgment or feeling like you're being selfish
  • How to say no to unimportant things
  • How to get over the fear of staying small

Your Group Will Feel:

  • Less stress and pressure to “keep up appearances”
  • Ready to live a more authentic life
  • Prepared to improved connections in relationships
  • Able to find more time to focus on on what is truly importance
  • Equipped with the right tools to begin the journey of self-acceptance

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